Thursday, 12 April 2018

The BBC is all at sea over gender

Some folk think the BBC is biased. Calton thinks it is just plain bonkers. Nowhere is this more evident in its attitudes to gender. Today, John Beattie introduced us to Tom Daley's "husband" in Australia, swiftly followed by the presenter back home falling over himself to apologise for referring to another male presenter as "her". Earlier in the week Kaye Adams hosted a discussion on young people accepting their bodies, which is fine, except that when it comes to young people accepting their gender and genitals, Kaye would be one of the first to be advocating hormones and surgery rather than acceptance, judging from previous comments she has made. Well guys and girls, you can't have it both ways. If a man can have a husband, what's the big deal about referring to a man as "she"? If the answer to not being happy with your body is hormones and surgery, why should that be restricted to unhappiness about gender?

It's not surprising that young people today are confused about their gender and their sexuality given the way the BBC is promoting ideas such as "gender fluidity". It'ssad that so many of them hate their bodies, including their gender, and want a quick fix for their perceived problems. It is utterly tragic that adults who should know better are not helping them to accept themselves as they are, not only in terms of body shape and appearance but also gender. Because the fact is, our sex is written into our chromosomes. It's as fundamental as that and we change it at our peril. Calton is particularly concerned with plans being put forward by the Scottish Government to allow any man to self-declare as a woman. This will put women and girls at risk by allowing men into women's changing rooms and other safe spaces. And when it comes to sports, only those who are XX should be allowed to compete in women's events. Not XYs, even if they have artificially lowered their testosterone and grown their hair long.

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