Friday, 27 February 2015

Biased Broadcasting Corporation scorns Christian license fee payers

This morning's discussion on BBC Radio Scotland's Morning Call was on whether or not the TV licence fee was worth it. After having heard yet another instance of biased reporting on Radio Scotland's Newsdrive this afternoon, Calton would have to say no, the licence fee is not worth it. (Not that he pays it, the eyrie thankfully not being on TV Licensing's database and him not having a TV anyway.) In a item about a proposed conscience clause for Northern Ireland's equality legislation, both presenter Laura Maxwell and interviewee Eamonn Mallie were clearly opposed to any attempt to accommodate strongly-held religious beliefs within NI's equality law and no other viewpoint was put across. Mallie is entitled to air his views but he should have been balanced by another interviewee who supported the clause. Maxwell, as newsreader, was not entitled to air her personal views. Newsdrive should not be a vehicle for presenters to put forward their personal opinions. They are there to present the news in a balanced, non-biased way, bearing in mind that they are being funded by over 90% of households via the TV licence and not all of those households agree with their trendy-lefty PC views. Mallie should have been challenged on the very slanted and inaccurate way he presented the story. Instead of doing this, Maxwell was only too happy to support him in his biased report which was, quite frankly, bigoted against Christians. The sooner supporting the BBC financially becomes a choice for viewers and listeners, the better.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sir Malcolm gets it, albeit a day late

Sir Malcolm Rifkind might just have managed to hang on in there if he hadn't commented on how difficult it was to live on a MP's salary. As it was, no-one in their right mind, least of all David Cameron, was going to support him after that gaffe. To suggest that £67k (plus expenses) is inadequate is just not politically or socially correct these days and the fact that Sir Malcolm didn't realise this shows what a dinosaur he is. The sooner he and his ilk become politically extinct the better. If an MP's salary is not enough for you, you are not the right sort of person to become an MP. End of.