Friday, 4 May 2012

Pipped by a penguin

A month ago, Liberal Sellout asked Edinburgh Libdems if they wanted to die. Looks like the answer was yes, although they probably did not imagine even in their wildest nightmares being beaten by a penguin! Calton doubts whether they will ever live that down. Meanwhile, Labour has managed to hold on to Glasgow and has had a resurgence in its traditional stronghold of Fife. After flirting with first the Libdems and then the SNP, Fifers have gone back to Labour, making Jim Leishman a happy man. It's going to be spend, spend, spend over the water unless the SNP do a deal with the few remaining Libdem councillors in Fife. In the capital there's all to play for with the Green Party's six councillors holding a strong hand as the talks begin. That's three more than the Libdems!

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